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The "I'm glaring at you disapprovingly" state

Ohio State map

7/26 62.3/2745.5 Sandusky, OH - Medina, OH
So much for my long day. I was attacked by 2 libraries enroute, so I made sucky time. Oh and I got up late. Rtes 6 and 18 varied, but mostly sucked, not much shoulder and much traffic. There is no love in Ohio. I met a friendly German couple from Cleveland at a supermarket, but spent most of the day talking to myself. The weather was good for riding but dreary. The roads were "gently rolling" (a couple of months ago I would have just said "hilly"). I went to the police station and asked if I could camp in the park, they turned out to be the nicest people in this state and sent me to Reagan park. I've got a pavillion and a place to charge my phone. Almost makes up for th skanky port-a-potty and wimpy water fountain.

7/27 58.0/2803.5 Medina, OH - Salem, OH
Today sucked, it rained all last night and my sexy red tent leaked, the cadence counter died on my cyclo computer and I got another flat- why is all my equipment trying to thwart me? Why am I using words like "thwart"? It poured today and I had to go through Akron. The traffic was terrible all day and it was hilly. I'm staying at a motel tonight; I couldn't find a place to camp and I was too beat up to be creative. I hate Ohio. The people are decidedly antisocial and mostly just stare at me.

7/28 53.4/2856.9 Salem, OH - Coraopolis, PA
Talk about a late start, I didn't get on the road til almost 930. Another long sloggy day. I stayed on rte14 (crappy shoulder, lotsa traffic) to PA. As soon as I hit PA the shoulder grew by 3 feet and the people got friendlier. at Baden a couple (Don and Marta) bought me lunch, he was interested in 'bents (note: Don that bike shop you sent me to has a few of them). I went to a bike shop in Ambridge looking for the trails to the C&O and an easier road. I got some relief from the cars. Norma the dispatcher at a police station was kind enough to help me find a place to stay for the night. I ended up at a WICM house in Coraopolis. Juanita, who runs the place was very kind. She gave me the run of the place AND internet access. More on them later.